Our customers

Our customers

Valentijn Beets and Veronika Butinova

CEO and CFO, Bearhillhusky Oy

During an exciting new phase of Bearhillhusky Oy business growth, Ounas Partners Oy has been a reliable and knowledgeable partner in managing the financial planning. Juhani's advice and knowledge helped us to understand and improve the financial foundation of the expansion, and the well-developed plan was crucial in securing new financing for our business ventures. It has been a pleasure working with Juhani.

Janne Honkanen
CEO and Founder, Luxury Action Oy

I want to express my special thanks to Juhani Huhtala and Ounas Partners for the co-operation and business development support over the last year. I am impressed by your flexible and value-adding professional services you have provided to Luxury Action for our long-term growth plan. You have been influential to our company in the way that we can see concrete results in practical level.  I look forward to work with you in the future again.

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